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  • 學生姓名:Eva
  • 國家和城市:英國伯恩茅斯+法國杜爾
  • 方案:語言學校 12 週(英國 3 週+法國 9 週)
  • 時間:2009 年 5 月
  • 學校:英國 Kings Colleges, Bournemouth 和 法國 Institut de Touraine
Eva 出國前的檔案
Eva 是香港居民,在香港工作的 Eva 本身英文程度相當高,這趟旅行主要是要讓自己暫時從工作中抽離,於是安排自己 3 週的英國語言學校強化英文,再加上 9 週的法國語言學校,由初學者學習起。

英國遊學 Kings Colleges, Bournemouth 和 法國遊學 Institut de Touraine Tours

As I chose the Intensive course, the lesson is from 0900 - 1500hr ( Mon - Thur) & 0900 - 1300hr (Fri). I will walk around the centre with my friends or spend the time in City centre Library which is FOC normally. Then I will be back to host about 6-7pm and have my dinner and shower. After that, I might do homework. At night, I will go out with friends to club or pub for a drink about 10pm-midnight.

I didn't spend much in weekday but I spend most of the money in weekend as I nearly join the school trip every weekend which was nice and reasonable in price or go for Daytrip with my friends. I spent just about 150-180 pd a week, including the trip expenses + lunch + internet + laundry,etc.

It's a small school but most of the teachers are nice. Very less Chinese, even Taiwanese. It is good for people who really wanna focus on English study as it's escape from your Chinese social circle. The school reception staff was extremely helpful. They will have the local city map, bus schedule, UK SIM card phone assistance, etc. Just the computer room needed to be improved as there is only 1 printer and the PC version is quite out-dated. But I believe most of student will have their laptop with themand teh school also have wifi provided.

It's a kind of vacation for me, instead of Language learning. But I help be to strenghthen my English skill and explore more about UK and experience the local UK life style. As I join the school Day trip nearly every weekend, I also met lots of students friends from different school.

是否推薦 King's 給其他想去遊學的學生?
It's really depend on the student personality If student really wanna focus on English and prefer somewhere quite and relax. King's is a good choice. As I stay only 3 weeks, I can spend all my 3 weeks weekend on traveling. If student stay much longer period of time, they might think it's a bit boring and only can go out for cub at night seems they might not travel all weekend.
法國 Institut de Touraine 的遊學感想
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